Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pixels are potential

This Tuesday's Photoshop class theme is Landscapes. We will take a RAW file and process it from Adobe Camera Raw and then in Photoshop. We will address some common issues with digital images and how to overcome them. We will also cover tools and techniques that can be used to add that POP to your images. I have selected the image below to use in the class. The reason why I selected this image is because it suffers from a lot of issues and without any processing, it looks to be a throw away. However, with the right processing, all the potential that is in these pixels can be unleashed to make a great image. The mindset should be to take the best shot you can with your camera and use post processing only to make minor adjustments, however, it's good to know that Photoshop can do magic. I took this shot from a helicopter in very harsh light. Even though I used a circular polarizer, the harshness of the light still caused some issues. There were no adjustments made to this image other than resizing it. Please check back on Wednesday to see the before and after.

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