Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photoshop World, Boston

Well I landed in Boston around 4:20PM and got checked into my hotel room by 5:00PM. I could not have asked for a smoother trip up. Boston is huge. It's a great mixture of old historical and modern architecture with lots of character. The hotel I'm staying in (Sheraton Boston) is massive. I saw Dr Russel Brown and met Ben Wilmore already. I met up with some of my NAPP Forum buddies, had some Mexican food and hit the streets for some long exposure shooting. I'll be updating this entry in my blog all week with updates and images.

Monday Night

Cactus Club with my NAPP buddies.

Zakim Bridge


Woke up at 7AM to the sun shinning. Went to Starbucks in the hotel (oh yeah) and now getting ready
for the Canon Live Model Shoot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Will, looks like you're really benefitting from the NAPP.


Harold said...

Hey Will

It was nice meeting you and your friend.
Sorry I didn't get to see you on the last day but I had a long drive back home and I was exhausted after PSW.


Will King said...

Harold, it was a treasure meeting you and shooting with you. I wish I had a chance to say bye. Also, I have an extra memory card that I should have given you.

Saba Movahedi said...

Hi Will,

I would like to use your Zakim Bridge night-time photo for some marketing documents for my firm and was hoping to get in touch with you to discuss getting permission to use it as well as getting a high-res version.

Please do let me know - you can get in touch with me at: sm@brightonhouseassociates.com

Thank you very much!

Saba Movahedi