Sunday, March 22, 2009

God works wonders in His small world

I get a text one day from my friend and fellow photographer Beth stating "I'm looking at one of the most stunning woman I've ever seen in person. I must photograph her!"

Beth proceeds to get this stunning woman's (Rachyl) telephone number and makes arrangements for us to photograph her. In speaking with Rachyl, Beth discovers her husband (Joel) works at a local Starbucks (my second home) that I frequent. Joel knows me by name and knows my drink of choice at Starbucks. (Venti Double Shot on ice, breve, sugar free vanilla and 6 Splendas) Yes, I do go there waaaaay too often. Joel also knows that I'm a photographer since I have some of my work hanging on the walls at his store. When Rachyl discovers that I know Joel, and Joel knows me and my wife Michele (another Starbucks addict), she feels much more comfortable about meeting us and allowing us to photograph her. Small world!

Rachyl is a natural beauty and the camera loves her. Her and Joel are great people and it was fun working with them yesterday.

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