Friday, April 23, 2010

The new Einsteins

I got the new Einstein lights from Paul Buff. They're 640WS (comparable to an AB B1600) I got to use them today and they worked great.

They seem better constructed than the Alien Bees though not as well as the White Lightning series. My biggest gripe with Alien Bees are the color of the light was not consistent across the power range. Actually they didn't even seem consistent within a given power setting. This is where the Einsteins shine. I used a gray card to color balance once for each camera I used today (7D & 5D Mark II) and every shot after that looked consistent. The light coming out of these look clean. I don't know how else to describe it. The color that comes out of the Alien Bees seemed to be dingy at times. I haven't played around with all the functions and features of the new lights but I was pleased with their performance today. One huge nitpick that I have is the 4 clips that keep the modifiers on. Let's just say they don't do a great job with keeping them on. The clips need to be a bit longer and bow out more. I found the Alien Bees and White Lightning had the same issue.
Here are 2 shots I took today with the Einsteins.