Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photoshoot with Kelly Gaita

Hampton Roads might recognize Kelly Gaita from Fox 43. She was one of the co-hosts of the Hampton Roads Show. Kelly was also chosen as the Face of Fox 43 a couple of years ago. I initially met Kelly last Fall when she interviewed me for a segment that Fox 43 had on Holiday Photos. (You can view the video here.

Kelly is now pursuing other things and modeling is one of them. We talked about taking some headshots but I thought since she was going to be in the studio, why not get some other looks. Kelly suggested some casual Fall clothing.

I thought she was a natural and the images came out great. Here are 2 shots that I can easily see as a Target ad.
BTW, I used a beauty dish situated behind a 4x6 foot California Sunbounce frame with the 2/3 stop diffusion fabric which created some gorgeous soft light.


We also did something a little edgier with darker wardrobe and with harder light. I had a strobe with a small cone reflector behind Kelly, camera left and a beauty dish in front of her, camera right. The flare was created by the light, no Photoshop tricks. I did however, cross process this image to achieve the colors and tones.

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John Cachero said...

As always, these are fantastic, Will. I'm sure she loves these shots.