Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guess whose featured on Hampton Roads Bride's website?

Me! I was so excited yesterday morning to find out that my work was featured on Hampton Roads Bride's website. Kelsey L. Clayton the Assistant Editor at Hampton Roads Magazine originally contacted me a few weeks ago while I was wrapping up an Outdoor Lighting Workshop that I teach to find out if I was interested in submitting some of my wedding and bridal images to be featured on their site. With enthusiasm I replied "Absolutely!"

I gathered images from my last 5 weddings and bridal shoots and contacted the brides to let them know the exciting news. It seemed like Deja vu yesterday morning. I was wrapping up another Outdoor Lighting Workshop and I got an email from Kelsey stating that the my feature was just posted to their site. Of course I called my wife to share the great news. I also called the brides and my friend Genevieve who has assisted me in creating most of these beautiful images. Here's the link to the feature: HR Bride: Will King Photography and some more great images from recent weddings and bridal shoots.

Jocelyne and Tim's wedding



Tiffany and Stephen's bridal shoot and wedding


Sarah and Kyle's engagement shoot and wedding



Amy Ore's bridal shoot


Brittany Dye's bridal shoot



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