Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ticked Off

I often go to great lengths to capture a compelling photo. I've been knee deep in fast flowing waters, standing on slippery rocks, trying to balance myself and my tripod/camera at the same time to capture a shot of the Upper Provo River, Utah. Seen here.

I was in a open helicopter (no side windows), leaning out over jagged knife like rocks and cliffs to capture a breathtaking scene of a reflected rainbow in Kauai. Seen here.

But, my scariest moment involving my camera was......
...last night when I found a tick on my back. I was at a local park near dusk photographing Ajike in her wedding dress this past Saturday. There were several times where I placed myself in high grass/weeds, thorn bushes, and layed in the grass to get the right angle and perspective. (She was low, so I got low)

Another shot from the same night

I went home with several mosquito bites all over me. Two days later, after scratching the itchy bites profusely, they turned into scabs. I felt what I thought to be a large scab on my back and checked it in the mirror. I asked my wife to look at it and from her initial reaction I knew it was a tick. ARRRRGGGHHH! I hate ticks! She got the tweezers and safety pin and dug that buried sucker out.

Note to self: Do a thorough check after an outdoor photoshoot
stay in the safe confines of a studio!


Anonymous said...

I'd be "ticked" off also. Ouch!Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Great shots, Will! : ) I guess it's just a matter of what you get used to. You'd never find me leaning out of a helicopter but where I live, finding ticks on us is (unfortunately) a common occurrence. You didn't have the bullseye rash did you? My hubby is on meds right now for a tick bite.

Marc Payne said...

You don't want to come to my house then. You'll likely pick up a tick or two just walking from car to the front door. We live in the woods.

Harold said...
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Harold said...

Hope your model didn't get any ticks!?

Ticks or not beautiful photography.

lafavesj said...

Will, ya just gotta brave it all...and every once in a while remember that DANGER DANGER DANGER (in Steve Irwin's accent)is all a part of it...if it were all easy...we'd all be World Renowned Photographers! Just )as you said) check yourself thoroughly after each shoot.