Monday, June 1, 2009

Recent Portraits

I've been doing a lot of portraits ever since my awesome wife Michele surprised me by converting our garage into a studio. I've been having a great time trying new lighting schemes and using my ultra hi-tech hair blower (fan). Here are some of the recent portraits captured in my new studio:

Angelynn had the perfect hair for the hair fan. It's thick enough not go crazy but light enough to flow well. She also has the thickest and longest eye lashes I've ever seen.

Theresa was a bit shy at first but loosened up when the lights started popping. She worked it like a super-model.

Kenyatta was the perfect model for this low key shot. The shot came out great. Full of mood and character. The hat was a perfect touch.

Meet Ethan. He's a boxer. He'll box your ears. LOL. Ethan has big, beautiful, blue eyes. I thought his parents did a great job of choosing his blue shirt to make his eyes pop even more. I used a huge octabox to make his eyes sparkle even more.


Harold said...

Will you amaze me every-time.

I love the second one the skin tones beautiful and eyes are captivating.

Will King said...

Hey Harold! Long time to talk. Thanks so much for the kind words. We're starting to make plans for Orlando.

moshe said...

I like those pictures.
The little kid I like the best,but thats probably because I have one little of my own...
Continue sharing,As you are bookmarked!!!