Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are you Gellin'

I just discovered the wonderful world of colored gels. I have been doing weeks of research trying to find an easy and econmical solution for a multiple backdrop support system. I wanted to be able to have several color options for backdrops and an easier way of changing them than pulling off one roll of seamless paper and putting another one on. This is not only time consuming but it requires two people.

I found several options for multiple backdrop support systems but they were all expensive, not to mention that I would also have to buy multiple backdrops. I finally stumbled on an article about gelling a backdrop. (Lighting a gray backdrop with a colored gel over the light to change the backdrop's color) I have done with before with a white backdrop with not so great results. The reason why gray or even black seamless paper is better than white is because they tend to saturate the colors in a very vivid way.

I decided on a darker gray seamless paper. I also ordered 15-20 colored gels. Got the package from B&H and gave it a whirl. The results exceeded my expectations.

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Greg said...

the last pic is particularly interesting. i've been looking into green screen/chromakey solutions. for stills, a gel could be an inexpensive solution... although for video, i don't know if it would suffice...

regardless, your results are even and spectacular. a setup shot or two would really enhance these posts...