Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Day in D.C.

On the way back from Pittsburgh, Steve and I met Melinda, Michele and Andrew, oh yeah and Rick in D.C.. We had lunch, took the metro and walked around taking pictures.

Taking some shots, waiting for the metro

22 images stitched together, converted to B&W of the Washinton Monument.

Michele under a Cherry Blosson tree. Used a reflector on camera left to light her.

Andrew trying on a hat at Pentagon City Mall

Jefferson Memorial

A shot of some high window washers viewed from Pentagon City Mall.

This striking young lady sold me some Raybans and I made her picture.
Used a flash from camera left, bounced off a mirror on camera right and illuminated her face and added a cool rainbow on her face.

Michele and me under a Cherry Blosson tree. A flash in a shoot through umbrella at camera left.


Harold said...

Beautiful photos, Will.

I gotta ask the subway were the photos taken on a tripod? No problems with the authority?

Will King said...

Hey Harold. All the subway shots were handheld. I think I was able to get as slow as 1/10 of a second on some of them without any camera shake. I didn't see any police so I guess they didn't see me either.

Anonymous said...

Any PHD photo's ?