Sunday, February 22, 2009

Party Pooper at the Photowalk

Two groups got together tonight (HRTownsqaure & TDPC) for a photo walk in downtown Hampton. I'm an active member of both groups. For the majority of the photo walk, I was not very social and for that I apologize. Right after the group photo, I spotted an interesting location for a shot and was consumed with trying to make a good image rather than using the time to get to know more of the members of each group. Steve was actually nice enough to get some coffee for me but had to yell 3 times from acrosss the street and then called me on my cell to get my attention to come get the coffee which was luke warm by the time I drank it. Photo walks are one of my favorite activities. Hopefully next time I will remember that photo walks are a group activity.

1 comment:

Michele said...

I like the picture of's got some nice elements but like you said missing the scarf:)

For some reason, I like the guy standing in front of the carousel too. His face, the movement in the background, hands in pocket, all say something to me. Nice work.

You were social at Anna's. I think people understand that you get into it when photographing and know that you share more once done and inside talking about shots.