Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Photoshop Class

We will no longer be using Scott Kelby's book The 7 Point System. Instead, I will be teaching how to use Photoshop to process your own images from RAW to output. We will cover every aspect of a professional workflow. We will also cover how to correct common issues with digital images such as color casts, flatness, softness, noise, and more. Our goal will be to make ordinary images truly extraordinary with contrast and tonal adjustments, color corrections and saturation, localized enhancements, sharpening, and a few other tips and tricks.

We will have a different theme each time we meet. The first portion of the class will be dedicated to working on one common image which will be provided at the beginning of the class. The second portion of the class will be dedicated to you, working on your own image using the same concepts and techniques.

For Tuesday March 3rd, the theme will be Landscapes.

Future themes will be Portraits, Sports, Wildlife/Nature, Black and White. I will also accept suggestions and requests for future class themes and topics.

Hope to see you there. For more info please visit TDPC

Will King


Harold said...

Wish I could be there!

Will King said...

We still have room Harold. Come on, it's not that far of a drive from Canada. ;)

Harold said...

One day I'll take you up on that.