Friday, January 2, 2009

Shooting 2 cameras at the same time

Happy New Year everyone.
Here is a shot I got on New Year's Eve day. W&M vs Harvard.
Some details about the shot:
I picked up this tip from another photo site and it works like a charm. I placed a 50D + 17-40 L f/4 combo mounted on a mini tabletop tripod about an inch off the ground. I prefocused using Live View on the front of the rim and then set the focus to manual. I connected a Pocket Wizard to the 50D via a remote shutter release cable. I was also shooting with a 1D Mark III and a 5D Mark II, both had Pocket Wizards hotshoed on them. Anytime I took a shot with either camera, it would fire the 50D. This is a good way of getting two different angles and perspectives of the same play.


rYE said...

Dude...I really need to stop procastinating and get you to take more photos of our daughter. =P

rYE said...

Btw...good stuff as always!

Will King said...

Thanks Ryan. Let me know when you want me too. I can take the shots inside too.

Anonymous said...

Great tip - and an outstanding shot Will. Keep up the good work!

Stephen Power said...

I didn't mean that to be anonymous!