Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Setting a Customer White Balance on 2 Cameras

I often shoot with 2 cameras and one of the cameras usually as my 400mm L f/2.8 IS lens mounted to it:

I use an Expodisc to set a custom white balance. For those who are not familiar with the Expodisc, it's a product that you place on the front of your lens to take a shot to set a custom white balance. I have one that fits over most of my lenses....except for my 400mm, for obvious reasons. So a work around would be to take a target shot with the Expodisc with one camera and place that memory card in the other camera and use it to set the custom white balance.

I know I could easily sync the white balance in Lightroom or Camera RAW but I like to see accurate color while I'm chimping (reviewing my shots).

Thanks to Russ Isabella for giving me this tip.

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