Monday, August 24, 2009

Here's Your Chance to Ask Me

My next blog article will be on Location Lighting. Here's your chance to ask questions. I'll post as many questions and try to answer them all. Post your questions here regarding exposure, camera settings, light settings/output, color balance, exposure balance, synch, triggering, equipment, etc. Ask away!


Artistic Endeavors said...

How should I expose a scene that has shadows and light spots too far apart for my camera to capture in one exposure? I've heard of "HDR" but I'm not a fan of the surrealistic look that always seems to come with it.

Allan said...

I am a photographer and have run across this term 1/4 CTO gell or full CTO gell. I have a gel pack that I ordered from the US but the actual gels do not have labels as to 1/4 or full.

First - does this refer to the density of the gel colour on the gel film?
Second - how can you tell which is which?

I have just discovered your website and I think the images are really great.

Allan Kirby

Otto Rascon said...

Hi Will. I found your site via Flickr. Your on-location lighting and portraits are some of the best I have seen in a long time. Great work!

Sharon Kearns said...

Hi Will, I will be doing some shoots on the beach at sunset within the next month & would like to know what kind of equipment/flash accessories i will need? I use a canon 40d & still don't have an external flash! What is the best quality one?
Sharon Kearns

Developing Designs said...

Will, Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask questions. Off camera flash is something I have been struggling with and would love to try and understand better. Is there any sort of formula to know sync speed or what power settings to use on the flash (1/2 power or full) in certain situations. I mainly do portraits, and interiors.
I am working with a Nikon D80 with 2 SB600s (off camera)
Thank you!

joejoebarnes said...

Hi Will and thanks for letting us ask you qusetions here. New first meeting was last night enjoyed it.

I am tring to learn as much as i can about outside off camera flash. My questions is first is what equitment do you use. What is your starting set up for outdoor small flash if you do have a starting point. Say when you are on location and you have your camera settings at ss 400 f/4 iso 400 the 580exll and do you use FEC and CEC to off set say CEC@-2/3 and FEC@+2/3 and what kind of defuser do you use.

Thanks Joe

joejoebarnes said...

Thanks Will I love your work it looks GREAT. I do have a 40D and 30D alone with a 1DM3 430ex and 580ex2. I also have 2 alen bees 800 with softboxes and umberllas.

Now that you have answered my questions. I would also like to know do you use a light meter or just the cameras meter. I try to shoot in manual mode but have started using av alot.

Im still need to learn alot as i see but i would like to talk to you more and maybe get more pointer at the next meeting on tuesday if we get a chance.


Frank said...

Will if I am using CTO 1/4 gel and I double it, is my output the same as 1/2 CTO???