Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First Blog Entry

I've had an issue with the blog feature built into iweb. Without my input, it has deleted some comments made by visitors. I apologize to those who have left comments. I have decided to try blogspot from google as a free blogging service.

Welcome to my site and my very first blog entry.

Friday, November 28, 2008
Hello and welcome to my new website and new blog. I've created this
website primarily to have an avenue to advertise my photography
business, however, I've also included a blog to share commentaries,
thoughts, and insights about non-business related photography
interests. I use the word share because I hope to facilitate an open
dialogue among family, friends, and fellow photographers, whether a
beginner or a professional, as we learn from each other about all
things photography and post processing. Since this is still a
professional site, I have included some do's and don'ts in the Blog

In the upcoming weeks I will add some articles and tutorials regarding
photography and Photoshop techniques. Please feel free to offer
requests or suggestions.

I just wanted to take a quick second to thank those who have helped me
create this site and who have helped me along my photography journey.
First, I give thanks to my God and Savior Jesus. He has blessed me
more than I will ever deserve. I thank my beautiful wife Michele and
my energetic son Andrew for being patient and supportive. I also thank
my mom and dad and my in-laws Jay and Marlene.

I also want to give special thanks to some of my TDPC friends, Diane
and Lawrence for being gracious with offering their insight. I'd like
to thank Dennis Tennant and my friends at Many of
you have helped me to grow as a photographer. I'd like to thank my
NAPP forum buddies. They are always extremely helpful with anything
related to photography, Photoshop, and web design. I also want to
thank my buddy Will White for his input on site design.


KebCoop said...

Will, your site looks awesome. I'll be checking back to see more of your work. Would you work as far away as NYC? May need someone in Aug 09.

Harold said...

Will, Congrats on a beautiful website.
Hope to get to meet you in person sometime in the future maybe at PSW in Boston.

You have lots of talents and I'm happy for you for taking this first step into your love of photography.
Life's too short and you'll regret it later in life if you didn't try.

A friend
Harold aka Hask

Alan said...

Great blog Will! Very nice tribute. I look forward to more!

Anonymous said...

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